Pocket Rocket

Pocket Rocket 1.0

Simulator of rocket/motor combinations

Pocket Rocket is an altitude simulation program based on the classic 'Rasp' program by G. Harry Stine. The main reason for Pocket Rocket is to give you information in the field when you really need it. Desktop simulators are nice but you need a really long extension cord or a laptop. Pocket Rocket allows you to carry a relatively cheap computer to the launch site and still get some basic information for a given rocket/motor combination. I like to think of it as more of a delay picker than altitude prediction program. Standing out in the desert is not a good time to ask 'Hmm. What's this i211 with a short delay gonna do in this Fat Boy?' (the correct answer is more than likely: shred). Common sense is sometimes in short supply at 110 in the shade. Hopefully Pocket Rocket can help you avoid some unpleasantness. Pocket Rocket is being distributed as is, for free to the rocket community because as G. Harry Stine said, 'Don't pay back, pay forward'.

This awesome free focket application includes the following features:

  • Some Pocket Rocket Features Input rockets using english or metric units
  • Input motors with any number of points using data from manufacturers or thrustrcurve.org
  • View graphs of the thrust curves and edit as you like
  • Output in english or metric units
  • Graph's altitude, velocity and acceleration profiles
  • Summary page for the big numbers, detailed numbers for the flight on another page
  • Beam airframes and motors to other people using Pocket Rocket
  • Limited only by available memory
  • Hours of fun

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Pocket Rocket


Pocket Rocket 1.0

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